New gallery: The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is great if you can get a little bit away from the main squares, bars, clubs and related stag and hen parties. Thankfully our birthday dinner river cruise took us out for Saturday night and it was well worth it. If you go, get out there and have a walk around - the Gothic architecture is great by day or by night and be sure to have a wander round the various markets with a cup of hot wine.

My gallery of Prague starts with a misty walk across Charles Bridge before heading to the Astronomical Clock and up the tower of the Town Hall overlooking the main square. On the hour, 11 hours a day, the trumpeter plays a tune from the three sides of the tower that face into the square. According to the locals, the best time to go is about 10pm because all the tourists just stand there looking up but the trumpeter never appears! Half the shots in the gallery are taken at night when the city really comes alive. Aided by a tripod, I really enjoyed taking long exposures of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

The last four shots are all from an underground tour. We were fortunate to have a private tour and it was pretty cool hearing about Prague’s history whilst walking around underneath the Town Hall. Haunted or not, the garlic was hung on the bookshelf just in case; the pits they used to throw prisoners in to had a smattering of coinage in the bottom (it’s not a well… duh…); the many rooms and passages contained a number of exhibition boards the University was using as well as executioner’s tools from a bygone era. A lesson from history: if you’re going to defenestrate someone, make sure they don’t have soft landing!

A misty morning from Charles Bridge