Web Design

Since mid-November ‘07 I’ve been a web designer based in Hathersage in the Peak District. If you’re in need of bespoke web design services, we’re the company for you.

Whilst the company portfolio shows what I’m up to now, I think its always interesting to see where it all started. My Ph.D. supervisor has something to say on this of course, but the web presence of our research group was in drastic need of an overhaul and whether I was commissioned or whether I commissioned myself I can’t remember. In any case, the Low Dimensional Semiconductors and Devices group got a new site and at the time of writing an updated version of it is still in use.

This is the original set of sites dusted off from the archives. My pride lies in my work now without too much emphasis on the past, so make of them what you will and keep a sense of humour. None of these link directly; they can be found by the resourceful. Let’s be honest, graphic design isn’t my strength!

EU research network, early 2005

POISE network, early 2005

The Physics Department at the University of Sheffield coordinates an international European Union research training network studying emission from semiconductor devices. This simple and completely fluid design using a tabs template started the whole ball rolling.

bencarpenter.co.uk, late 2005

Screenshot of bencarpenter.co.uk, 2005

This used a fixed-width design and tries to maximise the graphical potential of basic CSS commands to keep the pages quick to load. The pick of the features here has to be the pure CSS drop-down navigation menu at the top, so it works even with all active content / javascript disabled. This, incidentally, was version 2. You really don’t want to see version 1!

teamalpha, mid 2006


This collection of 9 physicists from Leicester University, codenamed Team Alpha, have taken on the UK Three Peaks Challenge which they completed in 23 hrs, 24 mins and 57 secs! This site had to include some pink, but a completely pink page would be too garish so this blend of pink and grey seems to work well.

ldsd.group.shef.ac.uk, late 2006

Screenshot of ldsd.group.shef.ac.uk, 2006

A semi-flexible width design based in part on the Jello Mold method of page design by Mike Purvis. Every group member has their own page which they can modify using custom forms and they can add publications to the custom database engine, written such that a given page looks up its relevant publications rather than displaying the whole list or having multiple copies of each on different pages.

poguin, late 2006

Screenshot of poguin, late 2006

A fixed width design, making use of variable transparency PNG images for overlays over a gradient background. Internet Explorer 7 had recently been released, so this transparency support was becoming much more widespread making subtle drop-shadow effects to enhance a design much easier to implement. Of course, this was tweaked to work in earlier versions of IE, but every other browser got the unadulterated W3C strict standard content and valid CSS.

pvo.org.uk, mid 2007

Screenshot of pvo.org.uk, mid 2007

Time for a well known local Norfolk orchestra to have a web presence; I was asked to provide technical support as needed, but my commitments in my research forced me to stay out of the design and graphics work. I still consult occasionally, but it’s mostly out of my hands.

… and the rest, they say, is history.