• planetFear Kalymnos SunRock Holiday Report - Week 2

    Please note: This article was originally on planetfear.com but has since vanished. Steve wrote the original and thanks to t’internet principle (once published; always there somewhere) via the Wayback Machine, here it is.

  • Climbing in Kalymnos with PlanetFear

    Becky and I went on the last PlanetFear Coaching holiday to the idyllic Greek island of Kalymnos. Both hoping to push our grade, we had a great time under the critical eye of Steve McClure and Katherine Schirrmacher who were both fantastic. I cracked F7b+ on redpoint on my third try, but watch this space as there’s definitely more to come where that one came from.

  • Pictures and Video of the Floods at The Foundry

    Monday 25th June 2007: Pouring rain in Sheffield all day, the River Don flowing past the back wall of the Foundry Climbing Centre bursts its banks, flooding large parts of Sheffield including the Foundry car-park to a depth of about 4 feet! Fortunately the floor of the Foundry is several feet higher than the car-park, but it only takes a couple of inches of coverage to soak everything.