• An eventful commute, one April mornin'

    Wow, now this was an eventful commute… Snow in April anyone? This was the non-view from a place called ‘Surprise View’, complete with Land Rover Discovery at a funny angle in the wrong lane and taking a while to get it straight again! I’d already picked up a friend who works for another business in Hathersage after his RS4 had become a little too friendly with a snowbank.

  • Jigsaw - a stop-motion animation

    One thousand pieces… Eighty seconds… Tower Bridge pieces itself into view before your very eyes. Of course, this reveals the method I used to make the puzzle but really - who makes the sky first?!?

  • Landscapes with Paul Hill & Karen Frenkel

    Last weekend I had the pleasure of a day picking up landscape photographic tips from the esteemed photographers Paul Hill and Karen Frenkel. There were quite a lot of us; I don’t know how they managed it but the advice they gave was great. Here’s a brief story on improving a picture with a little thought.

  • Animation!

    Animation is the reverse process of making a live-action film. For a live-action film, movement is ‘frozen’ into a series of separate still frames but for animation each frame is created to produce the film.